The most admired companies are recognized for prioritizing work-life balance, which is enhanced by Virtual and Flexible Work Arrangements. Virtual work involves office work that is performed outside a traditional setting such as a home office, while traveling, or at the local coffee-shop. Flexible work arrangements involve office work performed outside the traditional 8-5, five-day work week and may include Part-time, Flex Time, Telecommuting, Job Sharing, or Remote Work.

Some benefits of Virtual and Flexible Work Arrangements that individuals and organizations may experience:

  Time and cost efficiencies
  Ability to recruit top talent without geographic constraints
  Ability to work across time zones
  Retention of top performers
  Address generational needs and interests

Technology has enabled a widespread and growing practice of Virtual and Flexible Work Arrangements and with it, considerations of what circumstances, people, and skills can best manage work done in non-traditional settings. Some of the challenges we have helped our clients through that you might recognize:

  Identify people who can and cannot work effectively in virtual settings
  Effectively manage dispersed individual workers or work teams
  Create effective communication across dispersed work teams
  Build trust and maintain your organization's work culture
  Build engagement of virtual teams

The benefits can certainly outweigh the challenges but only when the challenges are managed effectively. We can help your organization and your people get the most out of Virtual and Flexible Work Arrangements.

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